USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Wind Erosion Research Program
Engineering & Wind Erosion Research Unit
1515 College Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502
Phone: 785-776-2726
Fax: 785-537-5507

Federal Scientists
Mark Casada Agricultural Engineer 785-776-2758
Floyd Dowell Agricultural Engineer 785-776-2753
John Tatarko Soil Scientist 785-537-5542
Larry Wagner Agricultural Engineer 785-537-5544

Federal Scientists (Retired)
Lawrence Hagen Agricultural Engineer 785-537-5545
Ed Skidmore Soil Scientist 785-537-5530

Federal Support Staff
Fred Fox Information Technology Specialist 785-537-5540
Hubert Lagae Biological Science Technician

Technical Staff
Vacant Programmer Analyst
Vacant Programmer

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