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Wind Erosion:
An International Symposium/Workshop

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An Index of PM10 Potential Emission from Soil

Omar F. Carvacho, Lowell L. Ashbaugh, and Robert G. Flocchini


The ability of soil to release PM10 into the air under controlled laboratory conditions depends in a complex manner on the soil type. In general, the smaller soil particle size fractions emit more PM10 per unit mass of soil; some soils, however, emit little PM10 from the small size fraction. Soils with the same soil classification do not necessarily have equivalent potential to emit PM10. We have developed and evaluated a readily measurable index of potential PM10 emissions from soils in the laboratory that may improve our ability to estimate actual soil PM10 emissions for different activities. Ongoing experiments at UC Davis will explore the ability of the PM10 index to predict the emissions of soils under real-world activities.