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Wind Erosion:
An International Symposium/Workshop

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Pulverizing Erosion Prediction Model

Stanislow Podsiadlowski


The objective of this work is to present a computer program PEPM (Pulverizing erosion prediction model). The program is based on the results obtained in the Research Project Impact of tillage upon pulverizing erosion of a silty light loamy sand (Maria Sklodowska-Curie Fund II, 1991-1993). It is designed so that it can be used directly by farmers from the Wielkopoiska Region (light soils). The PEPM program, written in a C language, enables us to predict: (1) the input of unitary tillage energy, (2) the input of unitary compaction energy, (3) the intensity of pulverizing erosion and (4) the intensity of wind erosion.