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Wind Erosion:
An International Symposium/Workshop

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Characterization of the Fine Dust Particle Production Process by Wind Erosion for Two Types of Bare Soil Surfaces

M. Sabre, M.V. López, S.C. Alfaro, J.L. Rajot, and L. Gomes


In order to assess the production of fine particles by wind erosion, two different field surfaces free from vegetation, respectively cultivated and uncultivated, were tested. The efficiency of the production of dust was characterized by the ratio of the vertical to the horizontal fluxes of particles. The vertical flux (F) was determined from a theoretical equation based on parameters easily measured in-situ. The horizontal flux (G) was computed from a model developed for an erodible soil surface. The ratio of the vertical to the horizontal flux (a) was found to be a decreasing or an increasing function of the wind friction velocity depending upon particles characteristics at the soil surface.