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Wind Erosion:
An International Symposium/Workshop

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Soil Data for Wind Erosion Prediction System

H. R. Sinclair


Data elements from the United States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) soil survey database were used in the USDA- Agricultural Research Service (ARS) wind erosion models. Numeric values from the data elements, as well as their relationships, predict soil loss for same or similar soils having the same climate, use, and management. Farmers and ranchers with the same or similar soils having the same meteorology, use and management should expect to apply the same conservation management systems to control wind erosion. Data elements, therefore, need to be correlated, coordinated, and arrayed for all soils in the soil survey database before wind erosion models are used for conservation planning. An assessment of quality can be done by using a computer model to run against the soil survey database to test each soil data element. The computer model indicates which soil data elements need attention in the soil survey database. The paper discusses some approaches to determine which soil data elements are correlated, coordinated, and arrayed properly in the soil survey database to provide appropriate information for wind erosion prediction.